Shoutbox Rulebook.

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Shoutbox Rulebook.

Post by Jesse on Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:10 am

1. Asking for staff - Asking and/or demanding for staff is not allowed.
(1 Warning --> Kick --> Ban.)

2. Spamming - Spamming is frowned upon, don't over-do it. Use discretion.
(1 Warning --> Kick --> Ban.)

3. Excessive Flaming/Trolling/Bullying - The use of any Derogatory, belittling, disdainful, or malicious comments directed at another player.
(1 Warning --> Kick --> Ban.)

4. Pasting of any type of code in any language is not allowed in the shout box.
(1 Warning --> Kick --> Ban.)

5. Only speak in English in the shout box.
(2 Warnings --> Kick --> Ban.)

6. Inappropriate Images or links - Do not post links or pictures of inappropriate things. This includes anything with pornographic content and anything that may fall into another one of our rules.
(NO Warning --> Kick -->Ban.)

7. Punishment Evasion - Making another account to talk in the shoutbox is not allowed. Your account will be punished, no questions needed.
(NO Warning --> Ban.)

8. Discrimination - You ARE NOT allowed to say anything that is derogatory based on Sexual Preference, Race, Religious Views, Etc.
(NO Warning --> Ban.)

9. Advertising - Advertising other websites.
(NO Warning --> Ban + Forum ban.)

10. Posting any links what will harm someones computer - Viruses, key-loggers etc.
(NO Warning --> Ban.)

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