How the rank 'Gaming Experts' works.

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How the rank 'Gaming Experts' works.

Post by Jesse on Thu Dec 29, 2011 9:36 am

Gaming Experts(s)

The rank 'Gaming Experts' which this thread is dedicated too is a unique rank.

You get the rank by making 20 good top-notch gaming reviews in any game review categories.

To have a good top-notch gaming review, you'll have to have good feedback from your thread and a detailed review.

It could have the following; Good things about the game, bad things about the game, things you think would of been good in the game, what you'd like to see in the next game(If you know there will be a sequel to the game, if not what you think the next game would be like.)

Each review has to have one detailed paragraph of good things about the game, and the bad things about the game. You can simply just add anything else you like such as I listed 'Things you think would of been good in the game.'

So the minimum requirement for your threads to qualify is one paragraph of the things you think were good in the game, and one paragraph of what you disliked, and what you thought could have been better. If you write any more than that, it will help your threads out immensely. (If you loved everything about the game write 2 paragraphs of what you liked. If you didn't like anything about the game, write 2 paragraphs of what you disliked.)

Once you have 20 Game review threads on different games, PM an administrator+ (You may PM me straight away if you want too) with the links to each of the threads as proof, the admin will look over the threads and will give you your rightful rank and PM you back saying that he/she has given your rank.

Template to use if you have reached 20 Game reviews.

 Title of the PM: Gaming Expert rank.

Inside the PM put the 20 thread links and please number them.

1 - Link here.

2 - Link here.

And so on.

Ask the admin to look over the 20 threads and to give you your 'Gaming Expert' rank.

That pretty much sums it up, if you have any questions feel free to PM me. ;P

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