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The Verdict.

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The Verdict. Empty The Verdict.

Post by Mesmerize Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:25 am

Forum review from Forumotion:

The Verdict. Yourfo10
Elite Gaming

The Verdict. Blue11 Quick Review - The Verdict. R_exce10
    It is said that humans make a judgement of a new thing or person in 8 seconds. This first impression is critical and any further judgements will be based off of that first impression. I'm happy to inform you that my first impression was quite good. I was instantly attracted to the very well done banner (and the special effect you have there with the logo is quite interesting too), perfectly made to look as if it part of the background. The Navbar isn't bad either and the icons off to the left side of the forum gives your site a nice, modern and contemporary look. I will give you a brief synopsis of the pros and cons of your forum below.

    - Well-designed theme
    - Excellent graphics, color-setup, and design throughout

    Here is the forum's review from Forumotion:

    - Poor site activity
    - Too many forums/categories.
      This gives your site a messy, disorganized look and is also intimidating to members. Thus, you are driving traffic and users away. Compress unneeded forums or at put them as subforums to give your forum index a less cluttered, and more professional look.

      Some examples of unneeded forums:
      - Achievements and Goals forum
      - Support, Reports, and Appeals forums: These can all just be in one forum section. There's absolutely no need for 3; it also looks unprofessional

Your forum has a very unique theme and forum design. The layout of the forum sections could use some tweaking and you can certainly start recruiting members and advertising your site. While your site is not perfect, but overall, I'd say good work. Keep it up! Wink
The Verdict. B1010

I know we can achieve an "A" grade if we work together. Smile

Are main goal will be to increase the forum's activity. We can do this by recruiting are friends, family and etc onto the forum or we can also promote the forum onto other forums.

Thank you for all your support, really appreciate it. Smile

~ Mesmerize.

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The Verdict. Empty Re: The Verdict.

Post by DarkDesigns Sun Mar 25, 2012 10:40 am


Thats is excellent.

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